Why we are here to serve you


Calvary Provision Foundation supports the ministry and mission of Calvary Baptist Church in helping people set their hope in God and engage in the mission of God in the specific areas of missions activity, Christian education, and capital needs.


Officially we are organized as a Section 501(c)(3) charitable organization (a Section 509(a)(3) supporting organization of Calvary Baptist Church). All assets of the foundation are managed by institutional investment advisors and guided by sound investment policy of the Board. We also partner with WaterStone Christian Foundation for certain trust services, and we partner with PhilanthroCorp and the NC Baptist Foundation for donor and estate planning services.

Our audited financial statements are available for your review. Please contact Melissa Hobson for a copy of our audited statements.


Denise Bell

Denise Bell and her husband have been attending Calvary West since 2010 and are active members of their Bible Fellowship Class.  Prior to attending Calvary, Denise was active in various committees of their prior Church where she served as Chairman of the Finance Committee for ten years.  Since her retirement as the Chief Financial Officer for the City of Winston-Salem, she continues to provide financial consulting services to Local Governments.  Denise  and her husband are passionate about being good stewards of God’s gifts.

Bob Boone
Bob Boone joined Calvary in the early 80’s and has served as a youth Bible Fellowship teacher, a deacon, Chairman of the Missions Committee and various other roles.  He is involved with Calvary Provision because he wants to see our members involved in generosity that is directed to ministry passions God has inspired.
Phil Grande

Phil Grande and his wife Amy have been actively involved at Calvary since 2008, serving as a deacon, Bible Fellowship teacher, and on various committees. Phil is a financial planner and works for a local regional bank. Phil is excited to reconnect with Calvary Provision’s efforts to help facilitate people’s generosity to further God’s Kingdom.

Jeremiah Gregory

Jeremiah Gregory joined Calvary right out of College and has attended our West Campus since its opening with his wife Erin, and their three children. He is currently an active Deacon and helps co-lead a small group that meets in members’ homes. Jeremiah is excited to be involved with Calvary Provision and the opportunity to share how God can use people’s generosity to serve the Kingdom.

Ellen Gregg

Ellen Gregg and her husband Mike Lebo have been part of the Calvary family since 1988, helping spread the good news of Jesus Christ through various ministries of the church.  They believe in the power of generosity for both individual spiritual growth and Kingdom service.  In her professional career as an attorney ( now retired), Ellen litigated cases at all levels of state and federal courts and advised Fortune 500 companies on complex mass tort litigation management practices.  In her professional, law firm leadership positions and law school teaching roles, she focused her efforts on servant leadership.  Ellen’s motivation for service on the Calvary Provision Board is to help others find the joy of Christian stewardship and generosity.

Terry Hales

Terry Hales and his wife Beth have been members of Calvary since 1991, serving in various roles including Bible Fellowship Leader, Day School Committee Chair, Deacon and Chair of Deacons. Terry has spent many years working in health care finance and medical school administration and currently is Executive Vice Chief Academic Officer, Administration. Terry was involved in Calvary Provision back when it was initially established and is excited to reconnect with and serve in this particular ministry area, as he passionate about and committed to faithful stewardship of Kingdom resources.

Brent Hicks

Brent Hicks and his wife Rhonda joined Calvary after moving to the Triad in 2010 and their three children have all attended Calvary Day School. Brent has served as a Deacon, bible fellowship teacher, Day School Committee chair, and on other church committees. Brent has spent much of his career in banking and works for Truist Bank (formerly BB&T). Brent is excited to help steward God’s resources to help others through Calvary specifically related to missions, Christian education and capital needs.

Alan Temple

Alan, and his wife Amy, have been members at Calvary since 2001. Alan has served as a deacon at Calvary and both have served on various church committees. Their two children have attended Calvary Day School since preschool. The couple seeks to serve God by being good stewards of God’s resources and supports Provision’s mission to help others do the same.

Anne Vestal

Anne Vestal has been a member of Calvary since 1981.  She has been involved as a leader in the Women’s ministry, serving as an adult Bible Fellowship teacher and in various other roles.  Her service on the Provision board is motivated by the desire to use her gifts to help develop generosity to support Calvary’s mission.


Joe Lineberry

Joe Lineberry has been actively involved at Calvary since 1977, serving as Church Treasurer, a Deacon, a Bible Fellowship teacher, and in various other roles. He has been Executive Director of Calvary Provision since 2017. In his career, he worked as a CPA and business consultant. Joe enjoys seeing donors’ God-inspired ministry passions realized through the services of Calvary Provision.

Dr. Don Mann

Dr. Mann founded Provision and served as its Executive Director and Pastor of Stewardship for Calvary until he retired from pastoral ministry in 2017. He specialized in gift planning for families and businesses.

Melissa Hobson

Melissa Hobson became a member of the Calvary Provision staff in 2022 as Ministry Assistant. Prior to joining Provision, she served as a church Lead Pastor’s assistant. Melissa believes everyone can achieve a life of generosity and be good stewards of the resources God has given to each of us.