Discovering solutions that uniquely fit your situation

While it is natural and Biblical to tithe to your local church, you may feel led to do more.

Calvary Provision Foundation can help you find the best solution to see your God-inspired generosity brought to life. You can join over 100 donors who have relied on us to be their trusted guide to support God’s long-term work through Calvary.

We serve donors with professional counseling on designated gifts, charitable remainder trusts, and donor advised funds. Will and estate planning services through NC Baptist Foundation and PhilanthroCorp are covered at no cost to donors.

Saving more income taxes with your donations is faithful stewardship. Watch this video to see how . . .

In our one-on-one counseling on generosity, we follow a three-step process.

  1. We believe that joyful giving is our response to all that God has given us. Therefore, we want to pray with you to hear God’s voice as we clarify your vision and goals.
  2. We recommend an effective giving strategy based on what God is leading you to do. We take into account your goals, the kind of gift you feel led to give, and how you would like it to be distributed. With more complex gifts (receiving an inheritance, selling a business, planning your estate, etc.), we consult with your financial advisor to accomplish the most tax-effective gift.
  3. We draft agreements to ensure that your gifts are used as you planned for effective, long-term, and meaningful impact. And we track the impact of your gift, reporting back to you so you can see the difference your generosity is making.

Our three-step process allows Calvary Provision to become your advocate in strategic giving.